Does it really work?

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Does it really work?

Postby gab.bibi » 12.6.2015 10:35 am

I am a bit suspicious, have tried everything and nothing is really helping me. I am desperate to try it but I don't want any disappointments...

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Re: Does it really work?

Postby support » 12.6.2015 10:55 am

Hello Gab, we actually get this question a lot. Many hyperhidrosis sufferers like yourself have tried "everything" and they are losing faith that something could help them. But Yes, Electro Antiperspirant works and we are sure it will help you too! That is why we offer a money back guarantee, so that you can make sure for yourself. You can order Electro Antiperspirant here:

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Re: Does it really work?

Postby rm.costello » 12.8.2015 9:44 am

It does!

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Re: Does it really work?

Postby sandra » 8.9.2015 5:15 pm

It helped me as well ;)

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