What is the difference between the Electro Antiperspirant® devices?

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What is the difference between the Electro Antiperspirant® devices?

Postby support » 14.7.2015 1:05 pm

All Electro Antiperspirant will get rid of any type of sweating (including stress sweating), regardless of its cause. Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive applies therapy in a different way, which is particularly sensitive to women's skin and also allows therapy of both hands at the same time, without the assistance of another person, which is not possible in the case of a classic Electro Antiperspirant (someone else must help you to turn the device on and off). In the case of the Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive you can use additional Comfortable Armpit Adapters, with the classic version you can use the Special Applicator for Electro Antiperspirant, Electro Antiperspirant Facial Adapter, Forehead Adapter and other Electro Antiperspirant adapters.

Kit for simultaneous treatment of limbs has been modified so allowing for therapy to both hands together and both feet together which reduces the length of the therapy by half, therefore a maximum of approximately 24 minutes. Hundreds of our clients that wanted to finish the therapy as quickly as possible and be to dry, asked us for this solution so we tried to satisfy them and developed it. With other Electro Antiperspirants you must first heal one hand and one leg and then the other hand and other leg, which is time-consuming, approximately 48 minutes. The efficiency is the highest with all Electro Antiperspirants, but with the kit you will save a lot of time on therapies.

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