Help with delivery

Questions concerning our products, orders and guarantees.
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Help with delivery

Postby » 20.11.2015 7:18 am

I am living in Singapore. I have ordered ElectroAntiperspirant on 13 th Nov 2015. As per UPS tracking records (tracking number:1Z76321FD950718531) , the shipment is held in warehouse waiting for clearence. When I checked with UPS, they told I require an importer licence to order such device. I am totally confused now. Please do the needful and co-ordinate with UPS.

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Re: Help with delivery

Postby support » 20.11.2015 7:41 am

Dear Asha, thank you for your message. This is a standard import procedure. You are not required to submit anything. UPS will take care of that. Your package is being delivered today.

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